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Self-Employed Mortgage

Starting your own company can be an exciting and rewarding endeavour. If you are self-employed you may already have experienced the frustration of obtaining mortgage financing. Most lenders require that self-employed individuals provide their tax assessments to qualify for a mortgage. But this can result in your assessment showing that your net income is probably much lower than your gross income making it very difficult to qualify for a mortgage.

What Lending Products Are Available For Self-employed Individuals?

  1. The Low Documentation Mortgage

This type of mortgage is where you can purchase a new property or refinance your existing home up to 90% of its appraised value. The lender will base their approval status on your credit rating rather than your net income.

Steps to qualify for this Mortgage include:

  1. A clean credit history.
    1. No bankruptcies or foreclosures.
    2. late payments on credit cards or loans may lower your chances of qualifying
  2. Incorporation papers or GST number to validate your self-employment status for at least 3 years.
  3. Location of property

As always some restrictions apply. So let us help you qualify by speaking to our mortgage agent.

  1. No Income Mortgage
  • A No Income Mortgage allows you to purchase a new property or refinance your existing home for up to 80% of its appraised value. Income and credit do not have to be perfect. 
  • With 20% down or at least 20% equity even with bad debt we can help you get that mortgage. An established credit history helps you get a lower interest rate and a faster approval.
  • Let us get you to the path of home ownership. Speak to our trusted team of agents today!

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