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    Dear Team member, All details of this file must be 100% accurate, in accordance to your commitment, for this file to be deemed compliant. Thank You!
  • By signing below, I certify the information enclosed in the attached payroll compliance closing file is accurate and true. I also confirm that I have taken all necessary steps and due dilligence to ensure the validity and authenticity of the documents, and supporting documents given to me by the borrowers, and submitted to the respective lender associated with this mortgage transaction. I agree to have taken all necessary steps to verify the identify of the borrowers of this mortgage transaction, and have collected valid identifcation at the application stage of this transaction. I confirm I have abided by, and have not been in breach of any of F.S.C.O's (Financial Services Commission Of Ontario) Regulations, or the Policies and Procedures of Mortgage Associates Ontario Inc, with respect to my involvement in this mortgage transaction. I also agree to opt in my client for email marketing and updates.

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